notes on painting and process


How many times have we seen this brilliant, transcendent image of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Annunciation” and paused to consider the miracle moment

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Some time ago I was commissioned by dear friends to create this painting, titled “Communion.” This evening in particular seems a good time to

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From Continuum’s facebook page today, a poem from Billy Collins – a little reminder to leave room for the mystery

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Three of my paintings were chosen as finalists in the Still Life/Floral category of The Artist’s Magazine 30th Annual Art Competition. The winners have been

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Swept Away

On summer vacations, I used to spend hours, raft in tow, running into the ocean, leaping over shallow breaking waves, paddling out to wait for that perfect moment to ride the rolling, churning swells back to shore – only to turn around and

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There Are No Words

Talking about my paintings is sometimes difficult. Much of the painting process is intuitive. It’s like a homing device – seeking out the location of that essential non-verbal thing I’m aiming to

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Sketchbook 4/18/13

My sketch today (charcoal, ink, conte crayon and gouache on paper) is a simple study of a cluster of blackberries with stem and leaves. This image conveys a summery, sunny feel hinting at outdoor walks and

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Only A Few

One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach. One can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are

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The Taking of Christ

It is evening on Holy Thursday. Caravaggio’s The Taking of Christ offers a powerful and beautiful meditation on the subject. The following commentary is from the National Gallery of Art website:

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Michelangelo On Painting

Good painting is noble and devout in itself, for among the wise nothing tends more to elevate the soul or to raise it toward devotion than the difficulty of that perfection which approaches God and becomes one with Him.

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Sketchbook 3/22/13

Today’s sketch (charcoal, ink, conte crayon and gouache) is a horizontal study of flowers without vases. I’ve also included the solid shapes of plums, pears and a shell. I often

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Radish Bunch Solo

This painting, titled Radish Bunch, was inspired by a scene which caught my eye while shopping. The radishes depicted here, along with many more, were

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The War of the Woods

I mentioned my love of solitude in an earlier post. Love is probably not the right word. That’s like saying I love to breathe air. It’s much more about need. If I do not have

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This One

I often use shells in my still life paintings and have lots of them scattered around my house in little clusters – on a shelf, in a basket or bowl. I ignore

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