Communion ©Victoria McCall

Communion                                                                                                    ©Victoria McCall

Some time ago I was commissioned by dear friends to create this painting, titled “Communion.” This evening in particular seems a good time to share this image as Christians around the world celebrate the Last Supper where Jesus commanded His disciples to remember His sacrifice with bread and wine. I decided to add a little meditation on the painting with my post, and found that as I wrote, what I wanted to say kept trying to emerge in verse. I was enjoying the process, so I went with it.  I was very hesitant to post my very novice poetic efforts here, but decided to go ahead, hoping that I will find some forgiveness for my literary deficiencies in deference to my message and intent.


Supper of Remembering

A trinity of thorny-stemmed roses bleed soft red petals on white linen.
The broken loaf awaits gouging fingers, open mouths, gnawing hunger.
Mercy’s meal - gnashed, swallowed, savored in faith, becomes our healing.
I remember You.
The sunlit wine sits still until jarred by thirsty lips into shimmering ripples
Pouring in, flowing down with holy rushing purpose - to wash, to free, to seal.
Distilled from brutal crush, forgiveness pools forever in that bottomless cup.
I remember You.
At table, You untangle tightly twisted hearts’ knots with tender Groom’s hands
And toss the dry, crumpled litter and empty shells of expired confessions
Into the Fire that leaves no ash, only green, budding hope and crystal vision.
I remember You.


©Victoria McCall 2014